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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sign Offs

I can't decide if this bothers me or just intrigues me or both, but has anyone else noticed the new way of signing off a letter/email/note? I seem to see this most often on semi-formal emails from our daughter's school, or our church where the teacher or Pastor ends the letter by saying "I love being one of your Pastors",


"I love teaching your children",

"Mrs. Wiley"

I don't remember seeing this before. I think in these cases the signer offer usually means what he/she says but sometimes it seems a bit insincere or something....
And the term "signer offer" is my own creation as far as I know so if you want to use it you must ask for my permission in writing or just pay me...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Treasure Principle

My husband and I just finished reading The Treasure Principle by Randy Alcorn. It's one of those "mini books" but with big ideas I would say. Randy Alcorn is a Pastor in Oregon (I think) who has written one or two fictional books but is mostly known for his books about moral issues of our time. He writes from a Christian/Biblical view point. I'm sure there are others who also write from a Christian/Biblical viewpoint who wouldn't agree with everything he says.
I have also read his book where he defends the pro-life view point and I thought it was excellent.
We found The Treasure Principle interesting. I think the best notion in the book is to really question Christians defending living like Kings (if you believe that this isn't your "real home" then why live like it is) when there are plenty of people out there they/we could be sharing our abundance with. It has provoked some good conversations about how do we/should we view money. I thought he made some good points about possessions but am left wondering what he would say about things not as shallow as that but not "necessary". Things like music and the arts... Surely you could make an argument that while new carpeting or a trip to Disney World is totally un-necessary, there is something more to things like concerts, learning to play an instrument, or taking a class to increase your knowledge about a subject. These things cost money , they don't' have eternal consequences, and yet in a way they do seem more "necessary" than a trip to Disney...More justifiable anyway.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Trying Again...

I tried to have a blog a year or so ago and have since forgotton the name of my own site! So, I have a blog site floating around out there aimlessly while I've moved on. I have no idea what I actually plan to write on this site...time will tell. I'm happy to be able to comment on some other site, finally!